How is the surgery performed on varicose veins

New methods in medicine allow it freely to get rid of the affected vessels of the lower extremities, virtually pain and with slight injuries. Surgery on varicose veins Laser a good Alternative to surgical treatment. What are the reasons of cases, endovenous appointed coagulation? Reasons for performing the surgery, not so little, and they all can't be used with local or preformed treatment:

Laser Removal
  1. Varicose veins, in which the goods of the large and vital blood vessels;
  2. Feeling of heaviness and swelling in the lower limbs, not with other methods of treatment;
  3. on the skin Pokrov trophic changes detected;
  4. the lower limbs covered with ulcers, which tend to be medicines with local effect.

How is the surgery performed? The surgeon to the affected ship makes an incision and performs a special probe with a Laser tip. The Laser sticks to the affected areas of the ship, then the next cut is, and continues the restoration of the veins. The disease is due to lesions of the vessels of the lower extremities, in consequence of an acute disturbance of blood flow occurs. Varicose veins dangerous, that there are all conditions for the development of the Thrombophlebitis in the System of the inferior Vena cava creates. These kind of complications usually lead to the formation of non-healing venous ulcers. Not less serious danger to the health of the patient, a blood clot is a free-standing vessel wall, which is often. the main reason for heart attack, stroke, thromboembolic syndrome Mainly, this circumstance and the patient leads to the thought that she had surgery to remove the varicose veins on the legs.

But some patients ignore have such serious consequences, and prefer not to notice the symptoms of the disease. Varicose vein disease of the lower extremities, leading to the emergence of severe and pain in the extremities. is complicated and time-consuming upstream Not always on drug treatments, the expected result, therefore, it is necessary to have recourse to surgical Intervention. Particularly important for radical measures in the presence of venous ulcers, which can provoke extremely serious consequences, including the accession of the infection. Removal of varicose veins in the legs is only in the presence of the started forms of illness. Indications:

  • the extension of the lumen of the vessels above the Norm;
  • the formation of blood clots;
  • futile treatment of the disease with medications and natural remedies;
  • Circulatory disorders;
  • Pain in the legs and constant fatigue.

The surgery is not for aesthetic reasons, if the woman is like the appearance of your legs. Surgical treatment for the enlargement of the lumen of the vessels is performed in different ways. The choice of method depends on the condition of the body, stage of the pathology, and other related diseases, which is a contraindication. For example, incorrectly selected methods for the treatment of dangerous complications in Diabetes mellitus, acute infections, and immunodeficiency can trigger.


Sclerotherapy is an introduction into the vascular lumen needle, through which the drug is capable of bonding the venous wall. This Manipulation is performed under local anesthesia. After the procedure, blood vessels skleroziruûtsâ, and the flow of the blood to him keeps. Immediately after the Operation, the wear shown-bound bandages, which help to store the result. Phlebotomy is vessels surgery for the removal of pathologically altered blood. To this end, several possibilities:

  • Pull through a small puncture with the application of the hook.
  • The removal of a fragment of the affected area with the help of miniature incisions.
  • Combined Procedure. Means of the combination of this procedure and Laser.
a number of measures

Phlebotomy is vessels surgery for the removal of pathologically altered blood. Before the start of the Intervention, a doctor, an ultrasound leads to investigation of the veins. Ultrasound helps to differentiate a Zone of defeat and to the healthy parts. Laser coagulation (Laser treatment of varicose veins) — is the most effective method. The procedure is a safe and minimally invasive. Through a small puncture in the diseased vessel, a thin to the point lines will be introduced, which emits Laser wavelength of the desired frequency. This leads to a warming in the area of the impact. As a result of the walls of the veins, soldered, that permanently fixes the Problem. Application of Laser technology in the smallest number of back cases. The Operation results in severe cases, even before the surgical removal in the quality and quantity of the positive.


Hardening enables the vessel healing fill substance, which hinders the flow of blood and reduces the diameter of the pathological area. In this case, you use the drug 2 — sclerosant and the foam. The first medical substance sticks to the walls of the veins, and the second fills in the advanced Zone, leading to its closure. Both types of drugs injected through a small puncture. The exact location of the problem area, refer to the help of Duplex scanning. Hardening enables the vessel healing fill substance, which hinders the flow of blood and reduces the diameter of the pathological area.


The stripping is carried out with the help of a miniature probe, which is inserted through a small incision and sticking the pathological area of the ship, then, on the surface and removed. A different type of Operation — cryotrap ping. In the course of the Intervention in the vein of liquid nitrogen, which leads to the affected area for the decomposition and makes it not functional. The process takes 40 minutes. It is both under General anesthesia with a local anesthetic.



The preparation for the Operation includes the compliance with the binding rules, which means:

  • The transfer of the blood sample for the determination of the General condition of the body. The method is on an empty stomach for a few days before the Intervention.
  • The x-ray examination of the Thorax. Necessary to exclude tuberculosis.
  • The research of the blood for the presence of HIV infection, the irreversible complications after Manipulation.
  • The refusal of food intake 6 hours before the Operation. This rule is to be observed, only if the Operation is performed under General anesthesia.
  • Enema. Also applies in case of impossibility of removal of Vienna with a local anesthetic.

You must prior to surgery please inform your doctor about the presence of an allergic reaction to a drug.

How to make the Operation

Depending on the type of Intervention, surgery technology. In the sclerotherapy consists of the following steps:

  • The Patient takes the desired posture depending on the localization of the affected vessel.
  • The doctor will perform a local anesthesia by injection of novocaine.
  • With the help of a long needle, the puncture is made. The syringe is to the necessary depth. Thereafter, the injection of the drug takes place. Immediately after, the venous walls can begin gluing. And just at the point where the pathological Zone.
  • The expert liked the tight bandage and send the patient home.
Operating system

In the case of sclerotherapy with the help of a long needle, the puncture is carried out and the drug is injected, glue the walls of the blood vessels. Phlebotomy implies an invasive surgery. If the volume of the diseased tissue is large, use the technology, which means 2-3 gate. In the presence of a small fragment with a small hook. The Operation can be performed under General and local anesthesia. First and foremost, limbs anti septic. Thereafter, the affected area veins remove, and remove if necessary, overlay the seams. The laser coagulation is also under the General or local anesthesia. After anesthesia of the limb lazy system edit anti - (often chlorhexidine) and by miniature injection slowly promote thin to the point of lines the Laser. Reached problematic fire place, light the head of the vessel wall melts under the influence of heat. As a result, the vessel is blocked and are reduced in diameter. Hardening is comparable with the procedure sclerotherapy. But in the first case, you use different materials, depending on the nature of the problem. Plug it in Vienna medication is also possible with the help of the needle and with the application of local anesthesia. Control of the Manipulation of the doctor results in the observation of the process on the screen of the monitor. The Operation takes no longer than 30-40 minutes.

Stripping means, a small incision or a puncture. It all depends on the size of the lesion. Stripping means, a small incision or a puncture. It all depends on the size of the lesion. The probe moves to the pathological Zone, solder it, then, the doctor tightens the tool and pulls the affected area of the vessel on the surface of the skin. Modified plot. If Necessary, The Seams. The removal of the varicose veins is only by experienced surgeons under the control of the process on the ultrasound. The Rehabilitation will take 6 months. In this time, forbidden, things to lift, the weight about 8 kg In the first month you wear compression stockings for the Regulation of the venous system and for the prevention of complications. As the recovery shows physiotherapy, swimming, active walking, etc.) to observe the weight. Possible postoperative complications: recurrence, hematoma, thromboembolism, cicatricial changes of the skin with a small knot. The most common consequence are considered to be the pain, which can be available within 1-2 months.

Indications for the removal of the veins


Surgical treatment for varicose veins can vessels only in the presence of the indications for the removal of the blood:

  • Varicose veins change struck a large part of Vienna;
  • severe pain and swelling of the legs during the workout, which prevent to lead a normal life;
  • the formation of open wounds and ulcers on the background of the development of the disease. Dangerous addition of a secondary infection;
  • the violation of the patency of the blood through the vessels, often accompanied by convulsions;
  • expressed vessels, the development of necrosis of the blood;
  • pathological changes in the veins, followed by your extension and vypâčivaniem. Change dangerous damage to blood vessels and provides an aesthetic discomfort;
  • Formation of blood clots in the veins.

In the case of a child, wearing also celebrated the violation of the condition of the leg veins can be. More often, the pathology is eliminated, even after the birth. In the case of contraindications to surgical intervention dangerous deterioration in the condition of the patient and even fatal. After the removal of a vein for surgical or Laser method of the development of complications consists of a the risk. Negative reactions can occur due to the low professional qualifications, or due to the violation of the rules during the Rehabilitation. Possible complications in and phlebectomy endovenous coagulation. Surgery to remove the veins varicose veins can have some consequences. Sometimes it is manifested in the Form of hematomas. In the implementation of these operations possible, the development of allergic reactions to drugs, anesthetics. Surgery to remove the veins in varicose veins and sometimes the development of complications is accompanied, for the prevention of its occurrence, necessary:

  • Conducting Tests on allergic reaction to the medication used;
  • Exclusion of infectious diseases and inflammatory processes in the body prior to the beginning of the Operation;
  • Selection of audited clinics with specialists of high qualification and modern equipment;
  • compliance with the rules in the recovery phase. Especially the wearing of compression of the Laundry;
  • dietary meals are available in the recovery phase (after consultation with a specialist after the procedure). In the diet increases the amount of clean water, food is in small portions, the food is enriched with vitamins and mineral;
  • recovery feet during working hours;
  • pass inspection after the Operation for tracking the dynamics of the recovery of the limb;
  • The implementation of massages and physiotherapy visit to a quick restoration of blood flow.
Surgery of the blood vessels

In the case of impermissible deviations in this Operation must be treated immediately in the clinic. Removal of varicose veins in the legs, may wish a surgical method for free in public facilities. But the data are transactions, which are not in every city, and you want to long queues to wait in a few months. In the choice of passage of surgery for a fee in private clinics the price class depends on the selected method, the professional qualifications and allowances in the medical facility. In the initiated forms, the removal of the vessels is carried out by a surgical procedure. The method of treatment is not only by the desire of the patient, but also the presence of indications and contraindications for the procedure. The effectiveness of the therapy depends on the skill of the physician and the execution of foot care after the Operation.In the price, in addition added to the price for advice and Service of ultrasonic control. Varicose veins, conservative treatment is only suitable in the early stages of the development of the pathology.

This disease is strongly tapered in our time. This happens due to lack of exercise (although a constant work on the feet and the onset of the disease), movement can only trigger on the Transport, of obesity, of the ecological Situation in the world, the inherited predisposition to diseases of the blood, etc. in early stage of varicose veins a good conservative method of treatment is suitable. But if the disease is already far and forward, you should think about the operating method for the solution of the problem of the health of your ,or someone beloved. Properly trained doctor performed surgery after the removal of the vein is a guarantee for a complete cure from the sweltering grueling disease. Today, such operations are equipped of highly qualified specialists in medical centers, with the most modern equipment, and pose no threat to the life and health of the patient.