author Dian Puente Mendoza

Dian Puente Mendoza


  • How are varicose veins treated with a laser? The mechanism of action of the laser on dilated veins. For whom the procedure will help and for whom it will be useless. Step-by-step description of the process and patient feedback.
    23 June 2022
  • The reasons for the development and characteristic symptoms of pelvic varicose veins. Diagnosis and treatment of the disease.
    26 November 2021
  • The main causes of the development and symptoms of pelvic varicose veins. Classification of the disease, diagnostic options. Effective methods and rules of treatment. Possible complications and prognoses.
    4 November 2020
  • Varicose veins during pregnancy: what are varicose veins, causes of occurrence, risk factors for development, symptoms, deterioration and what to do for a pregnant woman, treatment, advice on prevention, varicose veins after childbirth, as well as complications of varicose veins.
    7 October 2020