Varicose veins in the legs: symptoms and treatment in men and women

The topic of the article — varicose veins on the legs. We will inform about the symptoms and the causes of the emergence of the disease, ways of treatment.

What is varicose veins

Varicose veins — a disease that is caused by the swelling of the peripheral veins beneath the skin. In most cases, the disease manifests itself on the surface of the muscles of the legs, the veins acquire a tinge of blue, twisted and lumpy.

The formation of the node and of the destruction of the apparatus, whereby the outflow of the blood is disturbed in the veins. When you close the flaps of the valves, the problems begin. The blood is not to climb to be able to, as it usually happens, and Vienna, because of its Stagnation under pressure.

At high pressure the blood on the walls of the veins stretch, which are different in thickness. The blood vessels dilate, and their edges are against the Dermis and not visible. For this reason, the characteristic spider veins arise. If the vessel is swept across the dermis layer of the skin, he speaks of his entkrftetheit. The thicker the wires are, the better your blue know color. Nodules, which are clearly visible on the form

Varicose veins on the legs

Of varicose veins every 4 inhabitants of the planet suffers. The most important factor in the development of the pathology is the insufficient development of the connective tissue. For the development of the formation of the varicose veins pre-disposing kidney need conditions.

According to the statistics, this pathology is 20 percent of the world's population and 50 percent of patients suffering with the early stages of the disease are not even aware of their disease. Most often, the representatives of the weaker sex varicose veins suffer.

How dangerous are varicose veins

The greatest danger for varicose veins lies in the emergence of complications of the disease such as:

  1. Phlebitis — the formation of inflammatory processes on the inside of the blood vessels. The skin is reddish, and every touch to cause her pain. If multiple veins, the deteriorating health of the people are inflamed. In the case of the delayed beginning of the treatment of this disease develops in the Thrombophlebitis.
  2. As a result of Thrombophlebitis blood seals arise, in other words — thrombi. To clarify the exact diagnostic Angio ultrasound scan, ultrasound, reovasography lead. Externally, a strong redness and induration in the area of the inflamed veins. Disease is sometimes due to a small increase in body temperature. If blood clots develop in the deep veins, which occurs for the patient a lethal threat. To avoid the lethality, is urgently needed surgery.
  3. Thrombosis — a complication of varicose veins, the clots are very difficult to identify due to the location of the blood, as they arise in the deep veins without inflammatory processes. After some time, you will notice the formation of a Thrombus by external signs, for example, severe swelling of the affected veins. On the area of the skin, in which the Thrombus, the leather skin turns to a red tint with blue glow.
  4. Trophic ulcer disease occurs because of a problem in the process of blood circulation, which in the future leads to undesirable behavior of the substances in the body. A small Trauma in the situation is to provoke the spread of ulcers in the area of the lower leg. Often complications accompanied by the formation of Dermatitis, infectious processes.

For the avoidance of severe complications, patients with venous insufficiency, you should be serious about your health, visit flebologa.

Symptoms of varicose veins in the legs

The first symptoms of varicose veins can be easily expressed, namely:

  • thin spider veins acquires a bluish-purple hue;
  • Fatigue, itching, pain and feeling of burning in the legs in the evening;
  • Numbness and spasmodic contraction of the muscles in the night.

The development of the changes in the blood vessels veins symptoms worse, so:

  • Dermis in the areas of varicose veins getting thicker, and kisses, and with blue spots;
  • Pain in the calves will always be intense and acquire a regular character;
  • venous node contact, in contact, the pain.


Experts distinguish between 4 stages of the disease:

  • The first stage is the almost complete absence of complaints, except for some small cosmetic faults.
  • The second stage — the appearance of heaviness in the legs, a small swelling, irregular night-time cramps in the legs.
  • The third stage — the formation of patches of red, blue and then brown, thickening of the skin, and burst in the legs, swelling. The color of the skin to change the Progression of the disease indicates, the need, the beginning of the therapeutic interventions.
  • The fourth Phase — the emergence of Thrombophlebitis and leg ulcers while ignoring the treatment. Ulcers form each time you traumatize to eliminate them is almost impossible.

Varicose veins on the legs in women

According to statistics, varicose disease is diagnosed, have the female sex 4 times more often than men. It can occur in young girls and adult women varices.

One of the most important factors for the Manifestation of the disease in women, the weight gain during the menopause is. This estrogen is due to the influence of the hormones (progesterone), the tone of the veins.

The genetic influence on the development of the disease was not studied until the end, but at 25% of the respondents have relatives who suffered from this disease were.

In pregnancy

Varicose veins during pregnancy due to the effects of the totality of the factors on the female body:

Varicose veins
  • the increase in blood volume;
  • the increase of volumes of the uterus compression of the retroperitoneal veins;
  • change in the hormone levels, increase the level of progesterone;
  • the increase in intra-abdominal pressure during the birth.

Disease developed during pregnancy in the first few months. Here, clinical symptoms manifest themselves in the middle of the second trimester.

Varices on the legs in men

The most important factors in the emergence of varicose veins on the legs in men are:

  • Tobacco Smoking;
  • great physical exertion;
  • Abuse of alcoholic beverages;
  • constipatio;
  • unbalanced diet;
  • A lack of exercise;
  • Weight lifting.

Men's work is often associated with physical exertion. Regularly voltage stenoses of the Vena saphena Magna trigger.

Another factor in the development of the disease is through the consumption of high-calorie, fatty foods as well as deficiency in the body nicotinic acid and Omega-3.

The therapy of the disease is carried out in the same manner as in the case of women.

Treatment of varicose veins in the legs

Effective therapy varicose veins on the legs, certain tasks must be solved:

  • the elimination of the syndrome;
  • the elimination of the signs of the disease;
  • Prevention of recurrence.

The first task is with the help of drug therapy and surgical Intervention. The conservative treatment aims at the elimination of disease (drug therapy, and compression), as well as prevention (physiotherapy, elastic compression).

In the early stages of the disease conservative treatment are:

  • the pills that the doctor prescribes (anticoagulants and phleboprotector);
  • the local use of gels and ointments;
  • the elastic is compression;
  • Movement therapy and exercise therapy;
  • proper nutrition and a healthy way of life.

Compression conservative treatment is a must in all stages of the disease. With the use of compression removes stockings successfully blood stasis, as well as a good environment for the vessels of the microcirculation. Jerseys with the optimum pressure is selected based on the degree of varicose veins:

  • Class 1 — the initial stage of the disease;
  • Class 2 — varicose veins syndrome of "tired feet";
  • Class 3 — the presence of complications of the disease.

Folk Remedies

Traditional medicine offers a large number of agents, the effect of which is aimed at reducing the symptoms of the disease and eliminate the pain. Below are some of the most effective means that you can cook them at home.


Varicose veins of the lower extremities


  • black bread — 1 slice;
  • Camphor oil — 20 ml;
  • the fruits of the horse chestnut — 50 g.
  1. Preparation: Spread the bread with oil, sprinkle the dry fruits of the chestnut tree.
  2. Use: apply the Resulting composition to the inflamed Vienna and fix it with an elastic bandage, leave the compress on the night.
  3. Effect: elimination of pain after 10 treatments.

Apple cider vinegar for varicose veins of the legs

Every day in the night you can RUB the vinegar on the inflamed areas of the skin. The duration of treatment is 30 days. You can time the execution of the process in the course of the morning, but then the hour should be.

To improve the effect of drinking Apple cider vinegar diluted in water with honey on an empty stomach 30 minutes before a meal. Duration of treatment — 1 month.

Apple cider vinegar, diluted to apply to in water, in the Form of lotions to the inflamed veins. To do this, dissolve in a glass of water 2 tablespoons of vinegar, wet in this composition, a clean cloth and apply to the affected Vienna. Have the procedure two hours before bedtime.

Remedy for varicose veins on the legs

The drug therapy should. the courses 2 times a year to 2-3 months For the treatment used phleboprotector, the elimination of the symptoms of the disease, increase the tone of veins, preventing blood vessels, the formation of inflammation in the walls of blood and improve micro-circulation of the vessels.

In phlebology practice, successfully used drugs on the Basis of flavonoids (substances that are present in plant organisms). For fast and effective elimination of the symptoms of the disease ointments and gels apply to the local target.

Drug therapy is not able to eliminate the disease, but slows down the progression of the disease.


To prevent the formation of varicose veins use the following guidelines:

  • you use a special venotonics;
  • do not pull the leg to the leg while sitting;
  • daily clean the intestine from harmful substances, prevent the formation of constipatio;
  • take breaks at work, let the feet rest;
  • observe the diet, to avoid weight gain, you minimize the intake of salt;
  • if needed, wear compression stockings;
  • limit intake of alcoholic beverages and tobacco;
  • if possible, you spend more time in the fresh air;
  • you make self-massage, stop with the use of vegetable and essential oils;
  • regularly visit your doctor.