Treatment of varicose veins (varices)

Under varicose veins or varicose veins, imply pathological process, leading to an excessive filling of the venous blood of the river bed. This venous wall thins with formation of unevenness and formation of specific nodes or bumps along the vein.

What are the General principles of treatment of varicose veins are?

Treatment of varicose veins

This process can the veins of different localization esophagus, hemorrhoids, veins of the spermatic cord beat. But most of the time this pathology develops in the veins of the lower extremities.

Due to this structure, and function of the veins in this anatomical area. Just the lower extremity, especially on the lower leg, the maximum static and dynamic load.

The outflow of venous blood goes in the upward direction, against the forces of gravity. This is achieved through the work of the Thorax, the pumping function of the heart, from the exertion of the muscles of the diaphragm, the lower extremities, as well as the presence of specific formations of smooth muscles – two-winged, such as valves. These valves return flow of venous blood to prevent.

The veins of the lower extremities are the superficial and deep venous network. Under the influence of various triggering factors (obesity, disorders of the endocrine system, "Stand-up" character of the work, pregnancy), the defectiveness such as valves, the overload of the deep veins with blood.

The excess of blood from the deep venous reset in the superficial. In consequence, the superficial veins the blood flows, their walls are stretched, the length increases, and as a result, the pathological disease is. with the presence of specific node As a result, a venous ulcer is formed.

The treatment of varicose veins is:

  • The strengthening of the venous wall
  • Improving the condition, such as valves
  • Elimination of local inflammatory manifestations in the Form of eczema and Dermatitis
  • Improvement of venous blood flow of the microcirculation of blood in the lower extremities
  • Strengthening the muscles of the lower leg
  • Prevention of complications of varicose veins – vein thrombosis, venous ulcers, and pulmonary embolism



Use of drugs in the treatment of varicose veins, one of the leading in the conservative therapy of the varicose veins. The focus in the medication will pool on the drugs of the group, strengthen the venous wall.

Not less effective is the extract of the fruit of the horse chestnut. Among the drugs for the treatment of varicose veins, an important role vitamins play. One of them, Vit. P (Rutin) strengthens the vascular wall.

In General, the drug treatment of varicose veins should be combined, and combine medicines for injection, for indoor and outdoor use. Among the latter group, ointments and gels, with non-Steroid anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs). In addition to the decrease in the inflammation of NSAIDs, the risk of thrombosis, which is also important for varicose veins is reduced.

Compression therapy

At the time of compression (compression) of the veins there is a narrowing of the lumen. This accelerates the flow of venous blood, eliminates Stagnation in the superficial veins.

The simplest Form of compression – tight bandage elastic bandage, the practice of bases of the toes with the transition to the foot, lower leg and thigh.

It is important that the tours of the binder were smooth, and each subsequent Tour overlaps at least 2/3 of the preceding. In the last time of elastic bandaging to be discontinued. The fact that it is more efficient, comfortable and aesthetic lights in the Form of specifically-produced stockings, socks, and boots even.


Among the physical methods for the treatment of varicose veins shown:

  • darsonvalization,
  • Magnetic field therapy,
  • Electrophoresis,
  • Phonophoresis,
  • UHF,
  • Muscle Electro-Stimulation.

In the course of this procedure, the muscles of the lower leg, venous vascular wall strengthening, better work, such as valves. However, these methods are contraindicated in cases in which varicose veins accompanied by severe pain. It is impossible for you to apply and for all pathological processes in the skin, including. and in the case of trophic ulcers.

Among the physiotherapeutic techniques and curative (oxygen, minerals), bathroom, as well as the stay in the mud Resorts.

Movement therapy


Movement Therapy -Therapeutic Physical Culture. Stress accompanied by the strengthening of the muscles of the lower extremities, improvement of the work such as valves, which in turn facilitates venous return.

Among the exercises increase and flexion of the legs in the knees, rolling the socks on the heels. Effectively Jogging, exercises in the swimming pool.

Physiotherapy is not indicated if thrombotic complications of varicose veins. Also don't jump desirable, Ski, Sport, and Fitness weight lifting.

Folk Remedies

Perhaps, under all kinds of treatment, the folk medicine, the rich Arsenal of means for treatment of varicose veins.

Above all, these herbs in the Form of tinctures, decoctions, compresses. This property is to be used, horsetail, celandine, hops, nettle.

In the recipes for the treatment of varicose veins asked and some food – potatoes, honey, Apple cider vinegar, vegetable oil, and creamy.

You should note that Folk remedies for the treatment of varicose veins should only be considered as supplementary to the generally accepted methods. However, completely this kind of treatment ignore should not be.

Some folk remedies, for example, horse chestnut, found good use in the manufacture of modern medicines for the treatment of varicose veins.

Leech therapy

Still an unconventional method of treatment by leeches. The saliva of the leech is a substance that reduces the blood clotting, and so prevents thrombosis in the veins. The substance also has an anti-inflammatory effect.

In addition, in the collection of the blood leeches hyperemia of the veins reduces. Note that leech therapy will only be leeches, medical disposable, no risk in terms of infectious complications.


The classic method of surgical treatment of varicose veins of the legs, it is in veins in the removal of the extended Phase of the superficial trunk.

Although the invasiveness of the Operation is low, I told him only in extreme cases, the started varicose veins, if the above conservative methods are ineffective.


A relatively new method for the treatment of varicose veins of the lower extremities. Its essence consists in the fact that in the varicose vein in advanced in a special substance.

Under the action of this substance, the walls of the varicose veins glued to it, and its clearance is reduced.

In the result, formed on the grounds of Vienna painless radial load. To achieve the result of multiple introductions sclerosing substances must.

This method of treatment requires experience and skill of the doctor who realized him. A similar effect of sclerotherapy is by laser coagulation. In this case, the bonding of the veins is done under the effect of the laser beam.

In the treatment of varicose veins almost never only some of the above methods used. For example, physiotherapy can be combined with the medical treatment and physical method.

And after the sclerotherapy required to use the clamping ring to be. In any case, the possibilities for the treatment of varicose veins and their order doctor narrow specialist in the treatment of venous pathology to determine.