Methods of treatment of varicose veins without surgery

It is believed that the varicose veins can be effectively cure only by surgery. However, it is not quite so. There are methods of treatment of varicose veins without surgery, which significantly reduce the symptoms of the disease, and even completely get rid of in the initial phase. The treatment of varicose veins without surgery, the so-called conservative therapeutic options are currently being actively used by the phlebological clinics.

Treatment of varicose veins

Just methods of treatment of varicose veins without surgery to pull a larger number of patients, as the prospect of a forthcoming Operation. Of course, varicose veins are not launched in 4-6 stage heal-operational methods is almost impossible, but the reduce pain, reduce swelling, and even visually reduce the above to Vienna possible.

Treatment of varicose veins without surgery – new and modern methods

I need to be in the case of varicose veins surgery? Not at all. Modern treatment methods eliminate the feeling of pain, heaviness in the legs and visual manifestations of the disease, without radical interventions. You can not forget about Alternative ways of treatment, recipes of traditional medicine.

Despite the fact that some of the phlebologist refer to such methods tend to be skeptical and thorough research in this field in our country not yet been carried out, natural remedies, nevertheless, give a very clear positive effect in the treatment of diseases by the numerous cases.

A therapy with drugs

Of course, that the treatment of varicose veins without surgery, some pills, without any other procedure will be ineffective. And, in the case of running wires, and even useless it is. Therefore, drug treatment should begin in the earliest stages of the disease, and in combination with the methods of traditional medicine, the wearing of compression underwear, adhering to a special diet and implementing exercise.

Rate of taking the pill of varicose veins are also assigned in the final phase of the treatment as maintenance therapy. The positive effect of drugs, usually occurs after a few days, if there are no hidden complications.

All the medicines used are classified for the treatment of varicose veins, conventionally into several groups:

  • Phlebotonics (so that the Tonus of the vessels). Contribute to the strengthening of the vascular walls, to tighten, to reduce the viscosity of the blood and improves its circulation, prevents the formation of blood clots.
  • Anticoagulants (or disaggregants) drugs, which target the reduction of blood clotting.
  • Reduce the swelling of the legs with varicose veins.
  • Antioxidants accelerate the energy metabolism at the cellular level, which in turn promotes the faster updating. Representatives of this group – the vitamins C, E, R and B5.
  • Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, except anti-inflammatory effect, have an analgesic effect, reducing pain. In General, the deterioration of varicose veins do not apply only during the period of the course of treatment lasts longer than a week.
  • Phytotherapy

Many of these drugs are in free sale in pharmacies, some have to be ordered from authorized dealers, manufacturers.


Methods of treatment of varicose veins without surgery with the help of phytotherapy – an additional Option is an Alternative method to combat the disease. In General, it is not the Infusion of certain plants and herbs in conjunction with conventional drugs.

A full healing herbs, especially in the advanced stage of the disease certainly does not reach, but relief is possible. Exactly how herbal teas affect varicose veins?

  • Produce cleansing the blood and reduce the viscosity;
  • You activate the power of the blood flow;
  • Vessels, increase the tone of the walls of the blood, strengthen the valves in the veins;
  • Promote the absorption of blockages of the veins.

More about the role of phytotherapy in the fight against varicose veins, you can learn at this Link.

Medium-the people's medicine

No matter how effective the drug was the treatment of a disease, the recipes of folk medicine to promote recovery in conjunction with medical Intervention. In principle, many experts have nothing against these "support". After all, most medicines are based on natural components.

Leech Treatment

Leech therapy – is there a real benefit from the use of leeches in the treatment of varicose veins in the legs? Medical studies show that the positive effects really are.


  • the muscles of the legs to relax, to restore the flow of lymph;
  • the blood thin, prevents the formation of blood clots;
  • normalizes the blood pressure;
  • Enzymes, the leeches in the blood, anti-inflammatory effect.

Are there any contraindications for the use of leech therapy, these include:

  • Pregnancy;
  • Hemophilia (incoagulability blood);
  • Laser Treatment
  • Malignancy and tumors;
  • open wounds on the body;
  • low blood pressure;
  • Allergy to leech enzymes (extremely rare).

Minimally Invasive Surgery

Methods of treatment of varicose veins without surgery include minimally-invasive surgery – the way of the conduct of operations without cuts on the body of the people. Is usually done through small punctures or with the use of natural physiological holes on the body. Is a successful Alternative to conventional surgical intervention. In the treatment of varicose veins is the main method of surgical intervention — phlebectomy, sclerotherapy, etc.

Laser therapy

Laser treatment in modern medicine due to the fact that the surgical procedure with its help it was possible, without violating the integrity of the skin of the patient.

This method is called endovenous Laser coagulation (you may also use the name of endovenous Obliteration is the same).

Laser coagulation involves several steps:

  • Training – shaving legs, dressing up in sterile clothing (disposable suits and bathrobes for operations now on sale in almost every pharmacy);
  • The implementation of the Duplex scan in the course of phlebologist or surgeon determines the boundaries of the affected vessels and the places where the venous valves, the indication marked on the skin of the patient;
  • The marked area is disinfected and a local anesthetic;
  • A small puncture of the skin and of the superficial veins is performed;
  • In the vascular lumen of the catheter is introduced, with light conductor;
  • The doctor examines the legs
  • Tumescently anesthesia is introduced directly into a vein, is a drug, the adrenaline, and anesthetic with a low concentration. In addition to the pain therapy procedure, the aim is to protect the nearby tissues from overheating by the action of Laser, narrowing of the diameter of the vessel has.
  • The coagulation – "foreclosure" of the ship, such as the welding is carried out;
  • After the completion of the procedure, which lasts from 30 minutes to an hour, on the puncture site with a bandage glued.
  • The last stage is a narrow band in act stockings, legs with an elastic bandage or wear compression.

The process is almost completely pain-free. Upon its completion, the Patient can go home immediately.

What can I do without surgery?

How to understand whether the surgical procedure for varicose veins or can cure the disease Alternative ways? A concrete answer to this question only a specialist can give, to carry out a full examination of the body.

Unfortunately, the majority of patients relying on dubious sources of information, questioning the results of professional doctors, employed to treat myself and worsens their condition.

Of course, the possibilities of the prevention of varicose veins, the introduction of a special diet, the passage of the regular investigation, not bring harm. But the primary therapy, by a doctor, you can never neglect!