How to treat varicose veins on the legs in men: stocking, limbs, therapy

Representatives of the stronger sex suffer from varicose veins at least as often as women, because deformations of the veins can occur anywhere. However, in men, the appearance of a deviation is usually associated with vigorous physical exertion, obesity and diseases of the internal organs. If you do experience a problem, then there should be no particular difficulty in treating varicose veins on the legs in men, as there are many ways to get rid of unpleasant symptoms.

Conservative therapy of varicose veins

The veins of the lower extremities can be deformed in anyone, regardless of gender. The signs of the development of varicose veins of the legs in men, as well as the methods of treatment, are similar to those in women.

The difference is that women are more attentive to their health and appearance, and therefore they often turn to a doctor. Men usually go to a specialist if the disease progresses seriously and requires surgery.

The pathology can affect not only the vessels of the legs. Varicose veins can be found on the stomach (for example due to obesity), on the testicles (varicocele), in the esophagus and stomach, and in the small pelvis (PMVMT) in representatives of a large half of humanity.

Drug treatment of varicose veins of different localization in men is another method of combating the disease. Medications can help relieve symptoms, especially in the early stages.

a man drinks pills for varicose veins on his legs

When prescribing drugs, it is important to take into account their tolerability, otherwise the opposite effect can be achieved.

When we talk about the first type of medication, an appointment is prescribed:

  • Phlebotonics that increase venous tone, improve blood flow, eliminate congestion and puffiness;
  • Anticoagulants, which reduce the rate of blood clotting, which reduces the risk of blood clots;
  • nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs that eliminate painful sensations and reduce inflammation;
  • Antioxidants that normalize lipid metabolism, accelerate cell regeneration and normalize blood circulation.

In addition to drugs, patients are prescribed vitamin and mineral complexes in the form of syrups, tablets and pills, which allow the body to better fight the disease.

Minimally invasive treatments

When the question arises how best to treat varicose veins on the legs in men, a phlebologist may recommend a method that does not require a long hospital stay and allows for a speedy recovery.

It is a minimally invasive procedure that involves removing the injury under local anesthesia:

  • endothermic ablation;
  • Sclerotherapy.

The benefit of this approach is that it is painless and less traumatic. During the procedure, a small incision is made in the affected area or an injection is made with a thin needle.

Before that, the doctor will find out why the disease appeared, since by determining the cause of varicose veins you can competently approach the treatment.

Endothermic ablation

The technique allows you to effectively treat varicose veins in men due to radiofrequency or laser exposure in areas with diseased vessels.

The core of the procedure is to heat the vein wall with a laser (endovenous laser ablation, EVLA) or high-frequency radio waves (RFA) until the vessel is completely closed. This will cause the blood to begin circulating through healthy veins.

The attractiveness of endothermic ablation is based on:

  • Performing manipulations through small incisions;
  • minimal discomfort;
  • Significant weakening of the symptoms.

After the RFA, the patient may feel a tingling sensation in the operated area. Intravenous laser treatment sometimes leads to bruises, heaviness in the legs, and pain. Short-term nerve damage cannot be ruled out.


If there are contraindications to endothermic ablation, sclerotherapy (sclerotherapy) can be prescribed. It involves injecting a chemical substance (sclerosant) into the vessel, which also closes the vein.

The technique is most effective when a vein is affected by varicose veins.

Injected with a thin needle, the solution causes the vessel to thicken and close completely. A big plus of sclerotherapy is that no anesthesia is required.

In order to avoid repeated blood flow into the treated vessel, bandages with a sclerosing substance are applied, while special gymnastics are recommended.

Sclerosing of varicose veins in the legs in men

The choice of treatment method depends on the stage of the disease, the number of varicose veins and the wishes of the patient himself.

Despite the positive effects, the minimally invasive procedure does not rule out a relapse and the need for renewed therapy. Common side effects include blood clots, headache, pigmented areas, and temporary visual disturbances.

Surgical treatment of varicose veins

After figuring out whether men have varicose veins and what causes them to appear, it is time to start thinking about getting rid of them. If drug therapy is sufficient with a mild course, severe cases require serious surgical intervention.

Conservative treatments and techniques with minimal tissue damage are ineffective when varicose veins in men are accompanied by marked worsening of symptoms and complications.


During the operation, a probe is introduced to the foot through an incision in the proximal end of the venous vessel of the diseased leg, after which a further incision is made in the region of the distal end of the vessel. After the vein is attached to the probe head with a ligature (special thread), the surgeon carefully pulls it out.

Usually such manipulations are carried out several times, since it is difficult to remove the affected vessel in one step.

Short stripping is a procedure that involves removing only a small section of a deformed vein.

Contraindications to the intervention:

  • high risk of complications after the operation;
  • violation of blood circulation and lymphatic drainage in the legs;
  • Blood clot;
  • Skin infections.

If necessary, stripping is combined with sclerotherapy. This is useful if varicose veins are affected by veins of different sizes at the same time.


A common technique that copes well with the symptoms of varicose veins on the legs in men. To remove the affected vessel, the surgeon makes a 1-2 mm long incision and, using a special instrument (Varadi hook), brings out the vein, ties it and crosses it. Manipulations are carried out under local anesthesia.

Usually a miniflebectomy is prescribed for:

  • large diameter of the saphenous veins;
  • atypical localization of varicose veins (for example, in the area of the foot);
  • Vessels near the surface of the skin.

The operation is prohibited for patients with hypertension, cardiac ischemia, trophic ulcers and infectious skin lesions.

surgical treatment of varicose veins on the legs in men

Men who delay the surgical method of treatment can develop diseases of the cardiovascular system, severe diseases of the veins and blood vessels.

This technique has many advantages:

  • minimal trauma;
  • High performance;
  • Lack of scars;
  • a short period of rehabilitation.

In rare cases, bruises, bleeding, and thrombosis occur after the procedure. In the course of the removal of the vessels, the skin color can change for a short time.

Transillumination phlebectomy

It's a modern hardware method of getting rid of varicose veins on your legs. The anesthesia used is general or local anesthesia. The vein is removed through one or two small punctures while an instrument with a built-in cold light source is inserted to distinguish varicose veins.

However, practice shows that such a technique can cause a lot of complications due to rather gross manipulations in the vein.

In particular, such an intervention can lead to seals, hematomas, lymphorrhea, skin hyperpigmentation and neurological disorders.

Traditional methods of treatment

One of the directions of alternative medicine is treatment with folk remedies. Of course, their use is effective in the initial stages of varicose veins. In order to be able to carry out the therapy correctly at home, consultation with a phlebologist is essential.

He will tell you which methods are most effective, safest, and which are best to avoid.

Use thorn apple

The plant cleanses blood vessels well, promotes the resorption of blood clots, improves metabolism and blood circulation. However, it is important to remember: its seeds are poisonous, so it is dangerous to use drugs made from dope without the knowledge of the doctor.

Recipe and method of using the tincture:

  • seeds crushed in a coffee grinder (80-100 g) are poured with vodka (0. 5 l) and kept in a dark place for 2 weeks, while periodically shaking the container;
  • the starting dose is 15 drops, diluted in half a glass of water, once a day before meals;
  • the daily dose is increased by 1-2 drops to 25;
  • The duration of therapy is one month.

Datura is also suitable for compresses. To do this, cotton wool is moistened in a tincture, diluted with water, applied to the diseased areas, covered with a film and fixed with a bandage. For the procedure, the same dosage of the drug is taken as for internal use.

Honey, garlic and lemon

It's hard to overestimate the beneficial properties of this combination of products, often referred to as the elixir of youth. They are used both individually and together, which only amplifies the effect.

Honey, for example, has antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and vasodilatory properties. It eliminates cholesterol build-up, affects metabolism and removes toxins.

Lemon contains a lot of ascorbic acid. Thanks to him, the work of the circulatory system is normalized, and cholesterol plaques are absorbed.

Garlic is known for its ability to fight infections and lower blood pressure and cholesterol levels. It is an excellent means of improving vascular elasticity.

Examples of recipes:

  1. Lemons should be passed through a meat grinder twice, along with the skin and all of its contents (5 pcs. ), As well as garlic (5-6 cloves). The pulp is mixed with honey (500 g) and placed in a glass container. For treatment, you need to use 1 teaspoon 2 times a day. a mixture previously diluted in 1 glass of water.
  2. The mixture prepared according to the above method must be transferred to a 3-liter glass and completely filled with warm, boiled water. The container is placed in the refrigerator for 10 days. Before use, the liquid is filtered and absorbed in 1 tbsp. l. Diluted 2 times a day.

Don't forget that these products can cause adverse reactions. It is undesirable to use them in allergies, acute inflammatory diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, hemorrhoids, kidney failure, diseases of the genitourinary system.

Green tomatoes

Traditional medicine suggests applying green tomato slices to sore veins. This should be done at night over a longer period of time. The secret of the method lies in the content of lycopene, an antioxidant that increases the elasticity of blood vessels and protects them from the influence of free radicals.

The substance prevents the oxidation of low-density lipoproteins, which is the cause of the formation of cholesterol plaques and clogging of the vascular lumen.

It makes sense to use tomatoes not only for compresses, but also to eat them regularly.

Nettle treatment

The composition of the plant determines its strengthening and tonic properties. Nettle reduces the viscosity of the blood and thus ensures its normal blood flow. It eliminates congestion, accelerates regenerative processes and prevents the occurrence of cholesterol accumulations.

Ways to use nettle:

  1. Leaves (1 tbsp L. ) are placed in a container, filled with water (200 ml) and set on fire. After cooking, the stove must be switched off. The cooled broth is filtered and drunk 20 minutes before meals three times a day.
  2. The dried plant (6 tbsp. L. ) needs to be poured with vodka (0. 5 l) and kept in a dark place for 2 days. The tincture is taken before meals for 1 tbsp. l. 3 times a day and is also used for compresses.

The first positive results can only be observed after 2-3 months, but the course should last much longer.

Nettle decoction for varicose veins

Nettle-based products are contraindicated in patients with allergic reactions, diabetes mellitus, trophic ulcers, and hypertension.

Other recipes

If there are characteristic symptoms that accompany varicose veins on the legs in men, then many other folk remedies will help:

  1. Sour milk is mixed with chopped wormwood to a mushy state. The mixture is applied to gauze and applied to problem areas overnight. A break is taken after 5 days of therapy.
  2. Ground nutmeg (1 tsp) is poured with boiling water (1 glass) and honey (1 tsp) is added. The drink is drunk 30 minutes after an hour before meals, and then after another 2 hours.
  3. For the tincture, you need to pour alcohol (0. 5 l) horse chestnut flowers (50 g) and let it steep for 2 weeks. The drug is shaken every day. Reception scheme - 1 tbsp 3 times a day. l. , washed off with water.

An important point: nutmeg can relieve painful discomfort and speed healing of trophic ulcers. However, failure to comply with the standard can have dangerous consequences. Do not take more than 3-5 g at a time.

Treatment by external use

For varicose veins of the lower extremities, therapy with external means is recommended. For men with diseased vessels on the legs, it makes sense to use ointments and gels, which are especially good at eliminating the first manifestations of an unpleasant disease.

Compared to ointments, gels have a lighter consistency, which means they are quickly absorbed into the skin and release healing substances to the affected area in a short time.

Alternative treatments

Both women and men suffer from the development of varicose veins, with the causes of the disease being very diverse. And in order to cope with the symptoms, which become increasingly stronger as the disease progresses, phlebologists recommend a complex approach.

In other words, patients with deformed leg veins should complement drug therapy with wearing compression stockings, a range of exercises, and massage procedures.


Physiotherapy exercises, although not completely eliminating pathological manifestations, significantly improve the condition of the veins. It is necessary not to exercise only in the presence of a disease. Gymnastics is an excellent prevention of varicose veins in the legs in men.

The main thing is that the exercises are selected by a phlebologist, since it is important to take into account the severity of the disease, comorbidities and other factors.

For varicose veins, it makes sense to do the following:

  1. Simulate cycling on the floor or in bed. After 30 leg rotations, you need to rest a little.
  2. Sit in a chair and alternately lift your socks and then your heels (20-30 times).
  3. Lying on your back with your legs outstretched, bend and bend your toes (20 repetitions).
  4. Tiptoe in multiple approaches. You can just lie there.

A great solution is daily cycling in the fresh air. As a last resort, an exercise bike in the gym or at home is sufficient.


There is certainly no longer any doubt as to whether men have varicose veins. Accordingly, they also need a competent approach to the treatment of pathology. With massage, properly performed procedure will help relieve pain in the lower extremities and improve blood circulation.

A similar method of dealing with an injury is most effective at this stage of the disease, when there are no pronounced symptoms.


  • injuries, cuts on the skin of the legs;
  • febrile state;
  • inflammatory or infectious process;
  • Thrombophlebitis.

It is advisable to entrust the massage to a qualified professional. If a man decides to go through the procedure on his own, it is important to be extremely careful.

Before the session, it is necessary to keep the legs in an elevated position, after which an ointment against varicose veins is applied.

Massage for varicose veins on the legs in men

Massage must be attended regularly, only then does the first effect appear.

Fight against varicose veins is carried out with:

  • caress from ankle to knee;
  • circular movements in the lower leg;
  • intense massage of the thigh;
  • Circular and zigzag movements in the lumbar region.

At the end of the procedure, stockings are put on or an elastic bandage is put on.

Compression garments

Wearing knitwear with compression properties, you can evenly distribute the load on the lower extremities, eliminate the feeling of heaviness and fatigue, and avoid the progression of pathology.

Manufacturers produce lingerie for both women and the stronger sex.

Medical Jersey is presented through products in the form of:

  • Golf;
  • Stocking;
  • Pantyhose.

One or another option is selected taking into account the location of the deformed vessels.

In addition, the stage of the disease plays a role:

  1. At the first signs, knee socks with a compression rate of no more than 21 mm Hg are suitable. Art.
  2. Progressive varicose veins and thrombophlebitis require the use of varicose vein stockings in men with a pressure of up to 32 mm Hg. Art. They are also prescribed after the operation.
  3. With lymphovenous insufficiency, trophic disorders, the use of category 3 knitwear is indicated (pressure indicator - up to 46 mm Hg).
  4. With a severe form of pathology, accompanied by thrombosis and lymphedema, you should wear underwear with a compression of 49 mm or more. rt. Art.

To prevent the occurrence of an injury, especially in the postoperative period, it is recommended to use prophylactic knitwear (15-18 mm Hg).

Varicose veins in men are well treatable if you contact a phlebologist in a timely manner. The longer the disease lasts and the more intense its symptoms, the higher the risk of dangerous complications.