Method for the treatment of varicose veins

This direction deals with the physician-vein specialist — a specialist in diseases of the veins. The prerequisite of the recovery of a holistic approach.

Treatment of varicose veins

The main therapeutic objectives of the course:

  • Payment symptoms of venous insufficiency, and improvement in quality of life;
  • Prevention of complications and Troubleshooting in the event of a;
  • Correction of aesthetic component.

All the means of liberation from a disease can be divided conditionally into 2 groups:

  1. Without surgery (conservative);
  2. surgical.

Conservative course includes the adaptation of lifestyle, diet, taking medication, the stockings the use of compression. Such actions strengthen the vessel wall and eliminate runoff, the violation of venous.

The surgical procedure should always go hand-in-hand with elements of the conservative treatment. This speeds up the recovery after surgery and improve its outcome.

Without Surgery

Such a therapy, the varicose veins should not contrast with surgical treatment. Both of the directions can be Supplement in the complex and each other. Non-surgical treatment as the only method used in the case of contraindications to surgery or in the absence of the need for it. The conservative methods do not cure varicose veins, but improves the well-being and can slow down the speed of disease progression.

When to use:

  • Preparation for surgery patients with the started forms of chronic venous insufficiency (CVI);
  • there is an absolute or temporary contraindications for a surgical procedure;
  • for the rapid removal of signs of impaired outflow of blood;
  • for a speedy Rehabilitation in the post-operative Phase.

The most important tasks in the conservative direction:

  • Prevention of complications and recurrence of the disease;
  • the restoration and preservation of the working ability;
  • Elimination of the symptoms of CVI;
  • the improvement of the quality of life.

Surgical Procedures

In the case of strong varicose veins the implementation of conservative only course is not sufficient. The effect remained, you should it constantly. This is due to the fact that non-surgical techniques have only a supporting effect is to stop therapy, and the symptoms gradually begin to return to work.

If surgery is required?

  • The disease lasts for several years observed and the negative momentum, in spite of the therapy;
  • Surgery for other diseases;
  • Varices "disturbs" the elimination of co-morbidities;
  • consists of a high risk for thromboembolic complications;
  • there were complications.

The surgical method is used to:

  • Exemption from the necessity of permanent (life-long) maintenance therapy;
  • Elimination of possible complications venous insufficiency and phenomena;
  • speedy recovery, and to improve the efficiency of the therapy;
  • a stable and long-lasting to achieve the end results;
  • to quickly achieve cosmetic effect.

Principles of surgical Intervention

The sense of the treatment process consists in the removal of the diseased veins. In the planning of the Operation, the surgeon determines which blood vessels should be removed, and selects the most appropriate way to remove it. The most common are: Phlebotomy, mini-phlebectomy, the exposure by the Laser (EVLT) or radio frequency (RFA), sclerotherapy. More about the indications and contraindications of these procedures you can read here.

Delete is scientifically called Phlebotomy. Traditional as a combined varicose veins-surgery, which includes several components:

  • The elimination of the source of the return flow (back flow of blood) through safeno-femoral or safeno-policealne anastomosis;
  • the liberation of back flow is unsustainable for perforating veins;
  • delete Backbone of the Vena saphena Magna and expanded in addition to rivers.

Modern Surgical Techniques

Surgeons use modern methods, the less traumatic and on an outpatient basis can be performed. Period of Rehabilitation in a minimally invasive procedure is faster and easier than according to the classical surgery. Keep in mind, prior to surgical manipulation, preparation is required.

Hardening — removal of enlarged veins by the administration of a specific drug, the you sticks. The process is carried out under ultrasound control.

Mini-phlebectomy — removal by punctures up to 2-3 mm. to sew these, but the scars are virtually absent.

Varicose Vein Surgery

Endovenous laser coagulation (EVLT) — a minimally invasive technique that "seals" broken trunk of Vienna with the help of a special Laser device. Light head in a jar is installed, and transmits the laser energy on his wall. Under local anesthesia, and without incisions and hospitalization.

Radio-frequency Ablation — RFA is similar to EVLO, but with the difference that with him on the vessel wall are not homeopathic laser radiation and the high temperature source, the high-frequency oscillation.

RFA and EVLO – attributive commonly endovenous procedures for the correction of varicose veins. Your goal – to eliminate back saphenous flow in the large and/or small saphenous. On an outpatient basis, under local anesthesia, with ultrasound guidance, without cuts, and to remain in the hospital.

We treat varicose veins on legs at home

You begin with lifestyle changes – eliminate the causes, the development of the disease provoked. Insert the motor activity, develop a well-balanced diet, heal discomfort associated with it, the varicose veins intensify symptoms (hypertension, obesity, Diabetes mellitus, constipation, diarrhea, cough), choose the right shoes and orthotics, to get rid of bad habits (Smoking, alcohol abuse).


To provoke a lack of exercise can disease. In order to reduce the symptoms, strengthen the muscles of the legs. It helps restore the correct work of the muscle to produce venous pumping function.

It is exercises recommended to walk more, swim, strengthens the legs: "Bicycle", "scissors", "Rotation" stop trenches with feet on the heel and back, walk alternately on toes and heels, all sorts of exercises with the skipping rope. Go Hiking, try you, less the Elevator.

When working in conjunction with a lengthy stay in the position you are sitting or standing, make regular small breaks for the implementation of physical exercises. Warm-up should be every hour for 5-10 minutes. During this time, stagnating the blood in the extremities "pumped out" and the legs are lighter.

Be careful with Cardio sports, lifting heavy objects, as this can exacerbate the symptoms of the disease, to accelerate their development. Of them to be abandoned.

Compression therapy

Simple and effective treatment of varicose veins of the lower extremities – compression. By mechanical compression of the diameter of the blood is reduced vessels, and the valve flaps closed, and Reverse circulation is impossible. This technique is good for the start-up phase and is an essential part of the elimination of varicose veins any statements.

Compression can be achieved by elastic bandaging, with the aid of bandages or the wearing of special underwear. The application of bandages now NOT recommended.

Depending on the level and degree of damage to the vessels, compression tights are provided for stockings or knee-length stockings, socks and stockings,. All of these products differ from one another by the level of compression, color scheme, appearance, durability, the quality of the material.

Compression stockings from morning wear to evening, the whole day, taking it only before bed. Like any clothing, he care: requires the right wash and dry.

Normalization of body weight

Overweight be charged in addition to the circuit. You drive the body weight to normal with a low-calorie diet and increasing physical activity. The reduction of excess weight to only 5 kg already leads to a noticeable effect. The severity is reduced in the lower extremities, disappearing in the night cramps and in General, easier.

You can calculate the ideal weight according to the formula: weight = growth– 100 +/- 10%. For example, at a size of only 1.70 cm of persons with a permissible maximum weight of 63 to 77 kg (170-100 +/-7) applies.


In the composition of the ration, they note that "antivarikozny" diet has several objectives:

  • Improving the condition of the vessel wall and the risk of thrombus formation;
  • Prevention of constipation;
  • the normalization of the weight.

The food should supply a sufficient amount of ballast. It seafood, vegetable oils, is useful, also.

Fluid intake

The consumption of sufficient water is clots the prevention of constipation and the formation of blood. It is recommended that you drink at least 2 liters of fluid per day. Not as a liquid to drink, I don't recommend simply the thirst. As soon as you want to drink, you must do it immediately, not left until later. The body itself knows when and how much he needs water, please inform us in a sense of thirst.

Avarice shoes and insoles

Really varicose veins cures who performs the medical consultation, including the selection of the right shoes. It should be comfortable and have a paragraph of not more than 5 cm.

Application of orthopedic insoles to be very helpful. They support the arch of the foot, unload and ensure the correct biomechanics of movements. Muscle-venous pump works more efficiently.


Help the main course – physiotherapy. These include hot and cold showers, magnetic therapy, Bioptron, ultrasonic belong. To use home you the whip "Almag", "Vitafon".

From a visit to the Sauna, Solarium, hot wraps when varicose veins should stop, to avoid the development of the pathology and the development of complications.

Treatment of varicose veins at home

Popular means of combating varicose veins

Means of folk medicine are considered to be a Supplement to primary therapy. Good herbal teas (chamomile, horsetail, horse chestnut, St. John's wort, nettle) have a proven. They are there for the taking, as well as in the Form of compresses and foot baths.

Unfortunately, most home remedies have a weak effect and are of short-term effect, which requires long-term and regular use. They rent out positions before the modern methods and lose their relevance.

All of the above (diet, choice of footwear, physical stress) are suitable for home therapy. But also modern operating methods do not require them to be carried out in a hospital – many of them on an outpatient basis. The main thing – to consult strictly to the medical advice and in case of doubt with the doctor.

Antivarikozny Drugs

Drugs, the share in the pathology of several groups of mechanism of action:

  • Inhibitor of platelet aggregation. It is believed to reduce the risk of blood clots, however, convincing scientific evidence, there is only in terms of their prophylactic effect on the formation of atherosclerotic Plaques in the arteries.
  • Venotonic. The venous wall, strengthen, reduce swelling. This is the most commonly used group of drugs.
  • The use of anticoagulants. Preparations on the Basis of Heparin, thin the blood, are used for the prevention and treatment of blood clots. It is in the Form of tablets, injections and ointments.
  • Angioprotektory, and proofreaders microcirculation. Improve blood circulation, microcirculation and the condition of the vessels.

The occurrence of complications in the Form of trophic ulcers used healing agents and Dressings for a variety of purposes. Treatment of ulcers depends on the stage of the process, the volume of the defect, tissue, and other factors. In each Situation, the cure is assigned individually.

Can I cure varicose veins without doctors?

It is believed that you need to go to the doctor, if the "itch". But do not forget that the early treatment brings the best results, the recovery is easier.

Will be treated at the doctor's clearly more efficient. But, obviously, not that it's even cheaper. The cost of drugs and treatments are lower than in the case of self-treatment, because they have directional effect, and take into account the peculiarities of your body.

Come to me patients, for years, have used bad methods of treatment of varicose veins in the legs. In the process, they spend on a one-time hike in the pharmacy for a little money, but the effect is only of short duration. Patients forced to procure medicines and often take a long time. All of this leads up to the impressive sum of.

If you decide to be yourself, without the support of the doctor, then ask yourself: "if I win it"?

Tasks flebologa:

  1. Make sure that the problems with the lower limbs varicose veins causes and only to them. If the cause of the disease is different, or there are other diseases, the efficiency of the course, without taking into account the co-morbidities will be low.
  2. Pick up effective the medicines you take, and in the presence of other existing illnesses. It is necessary to the interaction of all the medicines you may be taking into account.
  3. Compression To Pick Up The Stockings. Until the purchase of the product, how it is to be decided (up to the king's meadow, to the hip), and also understand the desired degree of compression.

The effectiveness of the independent struggle with enlarged vein, we can appreciate the feelings. If the procedures and medicines is easy and convenient, you can continue to use them. If you feel discomfort, side-effects observed, there were further complaints, you should consult a doctor. It is possible that something goes wrong and a correction of the treatment cycle.


There are many methods. And the task of the doctor – the tactics, the fast and stable results. I recommend combination therapy, which consists of a different method, and directions. It is the complexity to defeat varicose veins helps.